The Great Lot

The Great Lot

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Investing 42 € every supporter will receive one numbered lot for a double-bet. The lot will be activated after the purchase using the activation code. This will be sent to the supporter separately.

More details on The Great Bet - a Roadmovie-Journey to the East: Let's roll!


Not available before 1st of may 2020!

  • First Bet: safe

    The first bet is about the ROI (overall profit) of the project, represented by the trademark THE GREAT BET

    Exactly 1/3/6.762 = 1/20.286 part of the brand will be owned by every owner of a lot, no matter who wins the other bet. 6.762 lots à 42 € will be sold to fund this start-up, sharing 1/3 of the future ROI of this brand with the players.

    If the movie-production runs okay, everyone will at least get this investment back. If it runs as well as the first movie of "Star Wars", each lot of 42 € will earn 1001,63 € over the following years Wikipedia data).

    This is quite probable, as the invested sum is quite small, at the same time, the possibilites to generate profits from the videoblog-series and the final documentary movie are extremely large.

  • Second Bet: pending

    Additionally, every lot gives one chance to take part in THE GREAT BET-GAME, predicting the time of arrival in Macau. First prize: The car including all special equipment, once the journey is finished.


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